We’ve all been sitting there-sitting on their wardrobe floor, checking the weather app and wondering what to wear when it’s not really cold outside – but definitely not hot. The transitional weather months – usually September, October, April and May-represent a challenge for the wardrobe when the temperature falls into this 50-degree range.

For us, coping with the transition time consists of following a simple rule: diapers. This age-old trick has been a must-have for decades, as it allows for both functionality and style. On the functional front, you can remove these layers in changeable weather and add a little depth to an outfit according to your personal style. In addition, for trendsetters, you can implement statement pieces-think fluffy bucket hats, patterned scarves and oversized blazers – that will also keep you comfortable.

Don’t know where to start when creating a transitional look? In advance, you will find 11 outfit formulas for this difficult 50-degree weather. You’ll be chic no matter what the weather app puts in your way.

1. Matching Knitwear

Instead of looking for a matching sweatshirt, take a page from Imani Randolph’s book and opt for a matching knit set. They are as comfortable as jogging pants, but they are polished and assembled so that you can wear them outside the house. With Accessories, stick to the comfortable aesthetic by wearing a pair of easy-to-wear action boots and a simple necklace.

2. Silky Skirt

Silk skirts (and Slip dresses!) were one of the most fashionable clothes in 2022 thanks to their slender, easy-to-style silhouettes. during the transition months, try styling yours with a chunky sweater and strappy sandals like actress Sophia McDowell’s to create a look that is both attractive and comfortable.

3. A Lot Of Layers

An oversized Blazer is the most versatile piece of clothing, and this Look from Cass Dimicco proves it. She wears her top with a vest and a white button for a combination that feels perfect for afternoon tea. To add a sensual component to the Ensemble, she skips stockings and instead wears transparent black tights and knee-high boots.

4. Canadian Tuxedo

We will never get tired of a Canadian Tuxedo – it simply twitches and always makes a statement. For the Variation on Claire Cliter’s notorious style, she wears a pair of vintage-inspired Levi’s with a classic white t-Shirt to create a Look that can be worn almost anywhere. She adds depth to the outfit by combining her jeans with a Boyfriend-style denim jacket and carrying an oversized shoulder bag.

5. The Buffer Vest

While the buffer vest has been arguable over the years, we are staying behind, because Arame Fall has styled it to absolute perfection. For a comfortable and casual look, she combines her buffer vest with high-rise jeans and a matching bodysuit. To complete her completely black look, she went bold with a red bag inspired by tampons.

6. business casual

It-Girl Meeka Hossain poses in a neutral Ensemble that can be worn from the office to lunch with colleagues. To create a similar Look, style your favorite pants with a minimalist T-Shirt. Then wear a woolen trench coat to add warmth and add a little sophistication to the outfit.

7. Increased Training Set

For girls on the go, it can be difficult not to throw away their favorite leggings and the appropriate sports bra. But as you can see in the Look of the Amaka Hamelijnck model, you can add an increased refreshment to your Leggings by styling them with a matching Blazer instead. She keeps her outfit functional by looking for her proven high-end Converse.

8. Soft Yellow

Influencer Maggie Villamaria uses pastel shades throughout the year to add a chic touch of color to any Look. In this feminine Ensemble, she wears white jeans with a Chunky yellow sweater over a simple long-sleeved T-Shirt. Her Look, of course, wouldn’t be complete without a Moment of luxury, so she carried her matching Chanel yellow quilted bag.

9. The Cropped Blazer

The oversized Blazer is a staple for any fashion girl, but try its chic younger sister by adding a Cropped Blazer to your collection. As seen in the outfit of the artist Anouk Yve, they give each Look the same structural element while providing an additional layer of warmth. Yve styled his Cropped white Blazer with loose-fitting jeans and a pair of suede Pantolettes.

10. girl’s night out

This Set embodies the Copenhagen style, as it offers a balance between minimalism and luxury. For her evening, Lida put on a white button in gray, flowing trousers. She adds her Herm├Ęs belt to the Look for a luxurious component and completes it with a pair of strappy sandals.

11. Playful Pink

Whether your ideal morning is a walk to the farmer’s market or a coffee date, this outfit from Helena Cuesta is suitable for all occasions of the day. The outfit is playful with its pink striped sweater and yellow clogs in the style of the 70s. Yet she remains timeless when she anchors the bold pieces with flared jeans and a discreet light sapphire shoulder bag.