The return of the tennis skirt is in full swing in 2022. The Pleated Silhouette has been a sport favorite for decades, bringing pint-sized fun to any services and Volley. Then, for spring/summer 2022, designers such as Dior, Tory Burch and Bottega Veneta slowly introduced them into their collections, creating tennis skirt outfits for all our warm-weather adventures.

These high-end versions are more versatile than their predecessors in the field. The It-Girls celebrate this more everyday touch and combine it with everything from wide Gucci sweaters (à la Shelby Ying Hyde) to eccentric vests (Sofia Coelho). Whichever version of the trend suits you, arm yourself with the best tennis skirt outfits of the moment – and browse your wardrobe for pieces that could be the perfect complement to your new favorite below the Waist.

1. Preppy-Comfortable

To counter the extreme Minimality of stockings, some dressers break the largest parts above the waist in their closets-such as Shelby Ying Hyde’s Gucci 100 sweatshirt. The flamboyant top and pleated tennis skirt created a preppy look all around, especially in combination with tube socks and Labucq slippers.

2. Milk White Knitwear

Who says tennis skirts and cold weather don’t go together? Parisian influencer Emmanuelle Koffi’s white winter outfit channels the trend with a chic skirt, a cut-out shirt and a curly knit T-shirt. Their silver hoop earrings are in line with the growing trend of chrome in spring/summer 2022, so it is advisable to catch these Jewels with the complete Look.

3. Classy Schoolgirl

Imani Randolph’s book-Smart Look offers all the sparkle of a school uniform – but not so much that it lacks personality. Its eye-catching Accessories bring a good dose of Flair to the Look. Wear the tennis skirt outfit with tights during the colder months or walk barefoot throughout the spring and summer.

4. Aught Fundamentals

Influencer Cassandra Cadwell’s interpretation of the trend is aimed at the Jaded dresser with a soft spot for 00s Fashion. Here, Cadwell donned a cropped cardigan with her sporty bottoms.

5. Luxurious Diapers

Once Norwegian it-Girl Andrea Steen gets behind a trend, he will definitely explode into the mainstream. Her tennis skirt outfit consisted of a striped sapphire mini and a whimsical sweater vest, layered on a button. Still, the most vivid components were undoubtedly their crochet bag, round sunglasses and colorful fasteners, perfect for a day at the market.

6. transition tones

This Look is a crash course for trans-seasonal clothing in itself. When you go to bed for those 60-degree days, take a page from Sofia Coelho’s book and bring comfortable items-like her chocolate scarf and leggings. Then, when the temperatures rise, leave the knitwear behind and leave the skirt in the center of attention.